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Flint Creek Near Kansas, Oklahoma

USGS Gage 07196000

Survey Metadata

  • Date of Survey: 18 October 2000
  • Survey Party: Thom Garday (Hydraulic Engineer, NWMC, Little Rock, Arkansas)
    Aaron Pugh (USGS Hydrologist, NWMC, Little Rock, Arkansas)
    John Mueller (Geotechnical Engineer, OK-NRCS, Stillwater, Oklahoma)
    Tony Funderburk (Hydraulic Engineer, OK-NRCS, Stillwater, Oklahoma)
    Stan Rose (Civil Engineer, AR-NRCS, Fort Smith, Arkanasas)
    Gary Utley (Hydraulic Engineer, OK-NRCS, Stillwater, Oklahoma)
  • Stage at Gage: 6.12 ft at 9:22 AM
  • Weather Conditions: Sunny, Cool, 60's AM

Site Photos

  • Photo 1: View down-stream of x-section looking down-stream. Photo 1 thumbnail
  • Photo 2: View down-stream of x-section looking up-stream. Photo 2 thumbnail
  • Photo 3: View looking up-stream at x-section. Photo 3 thumbnail

Survey Data & Plots

  • Data: Table of Survey Data
  • Plot 1: Plan view plot of survey data in. Plan view plot thumnail
  • Plot 2: Profile plot of survey data. Profile plot
  • Plot 3: Plot of cross-section surveys data. X-sect 1 thumnail

Pebble Count Data

  • Data: Table of Pebble Count Data
  • Plot: Plot of pebble count data. Pebble count thumnail

Basin Characteristics & USGS Flow Data

  • Basin Characteristics: Table of Basin Characteristics
  • USGS Flow Data: Table of USGS Flow Data

Site Summary

  • Discussion of survey findings including: location, bankfull discharge,
  • Woman pebble counts, shear stresses, slope, Manning's roughness and Rosgen's Classification.

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