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Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, Version 2

Official NRCS RUSLE2 Program and Official NRCS Database

This site contains the official NRCS version of RUSLE2. It is the only version of RUSLE2 to be used for official purposes by NRCS field offices. The NRCS developed and maintains the database components on this site. These components comprise the Official NRCS RUSLE2 Database. The official NRCS RUSLE2 database is the only database to be used for official purposes by NRCS field office employees.

RUSLE2 is an upgrade of the text-based RUSLE DOS version 1. It is a computer model containing both empirical and process-based science in a Windows environment that predicts rill and interrill erosion by rainfall and runoff. The USDA-Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is the lead agency for developing the RUSLE2 model. The ARS, through university and private contractors, is responsible for developing the science in the model and the model interface.


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