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VGS - Vegetation GIS Data System

Downloads icon Install VGS v. 5 via the USDA Software Center.
Field protocols for import into VGS.
VGS is a data collection and management system for field use. It links to VGS Online, to offer powerful analytics that relate to conservation effects and outcomes. Combining actual field data with conservation treatments allows users to track change over time, and determine if objectives are being met or if retreatment is needed.
YouTube Icon Watch VGS video tutorials, organized by subject.


One key benefit of using VGS is that all partners, agencies and producers can collect their data and share it, for a full analysis and integration that results in one coordinated conservation plan among different land ownerships. VGS software and the use of VGS Online is free. VGS is in the process of being added to Conservation Desktop, to seamlessly link field data collected with VGS to multiple NRCS applications, the conservation plan, and conservation contract.
Uploads icon Upload data to secure VGS online server. This allows you to run spatial analytics over time on the data. Requires login.


There are currently over 25 protocols in VGS that apply to any land use. Several are qualitative, such as rangeland health and pasture condition score. Most are quantitative, to determine metrics related to cover, density, production, frequency, and so on. We are building more protocols into VGS to meet additional needs.
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