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2010 NRI Rangeland Resource Assessment GIS Files

Introduction | Regional Interpretation | Rangeland Health | Non-Native Plant Species | Native Invasive Woody Species | Bare Ground, Intercanopy Gaps, and Soil Aggregate Stability | About the Data

National Resources Inventory Rangeland Resource Assessment

This page contains links to downloadable Geographic Information System (GIS) files used in the Rangeland Resource Assessment. The tabular field attributes contain value ranges that represent estimated percent acres. All interpretations of data require an understanding of NRI inventory and sampling procedures, statistical estimation procedures, and margins of error. We strongly advise reading all metadata included with these layers, taking particular note of any cautions, usage constraints and distribution liability, prior to using these data.

Layer Name Metadata Shapefile Preview
Common Resource Area Based Rangeland Reporting Regions Metadata (TXT; 0.1 MB) Shapefile (ZIP; 19.8 MB)
Eco-Region Based Rangeland Reporting Regions Metadata (TXT; 0.1 MB) Shapefile (ZIP; 14.3 MB)

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