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Summary Reports

These documents are in Adobe Acrobat format:
2017 NRI Summary Report (PDF; 10.3 MB)
     Download - 2017 NRI Summary Report Tables Only (XLS; 0.6 MB)
     Download - 2017 NRI Summary Report Graphics Only (ZIP; 9.3 MB)

Webinar presentation on the 2017 NRI
Alaska 2007 NRI Summary Report, December 2012 (PDF; 0.1 MB)

Special Reports

NRI Pastureland Resource Assessment, June 2018 (PDF; 2.0 MB)
NRI Rangeland Resource Assessment, March 2018
2007 NRI - Land Use Status and Trends
2007 NRI - Development of Non-Federal Rural Land
2007 NRI - Soil Erosion on Cropland
2007 NRI - Wetlands
NRI Archive (This page and linked sub-pages are a collection of archive material offered for REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY. The content available on these pages is no longer being updated and SHOULD NOT be used in making any decisions).

State and Regional profiles based on the 2017 NRI as well as thematic maps can be found through the RCA Data Viewer.