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Resource Conservation and Development Areas

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This map shows Resource Conservation and Development (RC & D) Area boundaries as of September, 1998. Designated RC & D areas are shown in green. Applicant areas are shown in yellow.

Cautions for this Product:
Some RC & D areas cross state boundaries.


Source: Resources Conservation & Development Areas


Aggregate Layer: Resources Conservation & Development Areas
Other Layers Displayed: State


Resource Conservation & Development Areas (RC & D):
RC & D areas are locally sponsored areas designated by the Secretary of Agriculture for Resource Conservation and Development technical and financial assistance program funds. The purpose of the Resource Conservation and Development Program is to accelerate the conservation, development and utilization of natural resources, improve the general level of economic activity, and to enhance the environement and standard of living in authorized RC & D areas. The Natural Resources Conservation Service can provide grants for land conservation, water management, community development, and environmental needs in authorized RC & D areas.

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Production Date: 1/14/99
Product Type: Map

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