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Land Resource Regions (LRR)

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National map of Land Resource Regions, overlain with NRCS Regional Boundaries. LRR delineations are in various colors and legend contains abbreviated LRR names. The Region names are: A. Northwestern Forest, Forage, and Specialty Crops B. Northwestern Wheat and Range C. California Subtropical Fruit, Truck, and Specialty Crops D. Western Range and Irrigated E. Rocky Mountain Range and Forest F. Northern Great Plains Spring Wheat G. Western Great Plains Range and Irrigated H. Central Great Plains Winter Wheat and Range I. Southwestern Plateaus and Plains Range and Cotton J. Southwestern Prairies Cotton and Forage K. Northern Lake States Forest and Forage L. Lake States Fruit, Truck and Dairy M. Central Feed Grains and Livestock N. East and Central Farming and Forest O. Mississippi Delta Cotton and Feed Grains P. South Atlantic and Gulf Slope Cash Crops, Forest, and Livestock R. Northeastern Forage and Forest S. Northern Atlantic Slope Diversified FarmingT. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Lowland Forest and Crop U. Florida Subtropical Fruit, Truck Crop, and Range V. Hawaii W. Southern Alaska X. Interior Alaska Y. Artic and Western Alaska Z. Caribbean

Cautions for this Product:
Land Resource Regions have not been defined for the Pacific Basin.




Source: USDA Ag Handbook #296
Distributor: USDA


Aggregate Layer: Land Resource Regions
Other Layers Displayed: States, NRCS Regions


Land Resource Region (LRR):
A geographical area made up of an aggregation of Major Land Resource Areas (MLRA) with similar characteristics.

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