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2006 ARS CEAP Watershed Meeting

2006 USDA-ARS CEAP Watershed Assessment Study Annual Meeting

Principal scientific investigators from each of the USDA-ARS watersheds meet annually with other CEAP scientists to share technical reports and other information from the 14 ARS Benchmark Watershed studies and other relevant research.


Presenter Affiliation Title
Brooke Harper Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Assessing the Water Quality Benefits of BMPs - at Watershed Scale Across Canada, (PDF; 3.1 MB)
Paul Capel U.S. Geological Survey Overview of the U.S Geological Survey, (PDF; 1.1 MB)
Carlos Alonso USDA-ARS, National Sedimentation Laboratory - Watershed Physical Processess Research Unit; Oxford, MS Tracking Sources of Eroded Sediments in CEAP Watersheds: A Progress Report, (PDF; 4.6 MB)
Dale Westerman, et al. USDA-ARS, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory; Kimberly, ID Upper Snake Rock Conservation Effects Assessment Project, (PDF; 1.4 MB)
Daren Harmel, et al. USDA-ARS, Grassland Soil and Water Research Laboratory; Temple, TX Uncertainty in Measured Streamflow and Water Quality Data for Small Watersheds, (PDF; 1.0 MB)
Tom Drewes USDA-NRCS Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP): Measuring the Environmental Benefits of Conservation, (PDF; 0.5 MB)
Jurgen Garbrecht USDA-ARS, Grazing Lands Research Lab; El Reno, OK The Under-Appreciated Climate Factor in CEAP, (PDF; 2.2 MB)
Bob Kellogg USDA-NRCS Status of the CEAP National Assessment, (PPT; 3 MB)
Richard Lowrance, et al. USDA-ARS, Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory; Tifton, GA Applications and Modifications of the Riparian Ecosystem Management Model (REMM), (PDF; 0.4 MB)
Greg McCarty, et al. USDA-ARS, Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory; Beltsville, MD Special Emphasis CEAP Watershed: Choptank River, (PDF; 4.7 MB)
David Olaf, et al. Colorado State University/USDA-ARS, Agricultural System Research Unit; Fort Collins, CO ARS Model Development using the Object Modeling System, (PDF; 1.3 MB)
Douglas Shields USDA-ARS, National Sedimentation Laboratory; Oxford, MS The Report Card, (PDF; 1.1 MB)
Mark Tomer, et al. USDA-ARS, Agricultural Land and Watershed management Research Unit; Ames, IA Conservation Practices and Water Quality in Iowa's South Fork Watershed, (PDF; 13.7 MB)
Mike Jawson U.S. Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center Long Term Resource Monitoring Program, (PDF; 3.0 MB)
Dan Jaynes USDA-ARS, National Soil Tilth Lab; Ames, IA Modification & Application of SWAT to Landscapes with Subsurface Tiles and Enclosed Depressions (Potholes) as Applied to Walnut Creek watershed, IA, (PDF; 4.0 MB)
Jerry Whittaker USDA-ARS Dynamic Integration of an Economic Model with SWAT, (PDF; 0.7 MB)
Daren Harmel, et al. USDA-ARS, Grassland Soil and Water Research Lab; Temple, TX CEAP Data Collection in the Upper Leon River Watershed, Texas, (PDF; 0.3 MB)


Presenter Affiliation Title
Zachary Cain, et al. Purdue University Adoption of Conservation Initiatives on Midwest Farms: Farm Size Matters, (PDF; 0.1 MB)
David Bosch USDA-ARS, Southeast Watershed Reseach Laboratory, Tifton; GA Hydrologic Impacts of Land-Use Changes in Coastal Plain Watersheds, (PDF; 0.1 MB)
Danna Dinnes, et al. USDA-ARS, National Sedimentation Laboratory; Oxford, MS Application of the AnnAGNPS Model to the Walnut Creek, Iowa CEAP Benchmark Watershed, (PDF; 0.1 MB)
Gary Feyereisen, et al. USDA-ARS, Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory; Tifton, GA Litter River Experimental Watershed Water Quality Record: The First Three Decades, (PDF; 0.4 MB)
Cole Green, et al. USDA-ARS, Grassland Soil and Water Research Laboratory; Temple, TX SWAT2005: Geo-referenced Tile Flow and Pothole Component Application to the South Fork of the Iowa River, (PDF; 0.9 MB)
P. Heilman, et al. USDA-ARS, Southwest Watershed Research Center; Tucson, AZ Decision Support for Nitrogen Management in Tile-Drained Agriculture to Formulate Integrated Management Systems, (PDF; 0.1 MB)
Megan Lang, Charles Walthall USDA-ARS, Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory; Beltsville, MD C-Band Radar Monitoring of Hydrology in Mid-Atlantic Forests: New Information for Improved Water Quality Management, (PDF; 2.2 MB)
R. N. Learch, John Sadler USDA-ARS Missouri CEAP Update, (PDF; 0.5 MB)
Laura McConnell, et al. USDA-ARS, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center; Beltsville, MD Atmospheric Transport and Deposition of Pesticides Within the Choptank River Watershed and Role of Riparian Buffers in Pesticide Delivery to Streams, (PDF; 0.4 MB)
George Mueller-Warrant USDA-ARS, Forage Seed and Cereal Research Unit; Corvallis, OR Data and Methods for GIS Analysis of Landuse and Conservation Practices in the Calapooia River Watershed, (PDF; 0.2 MB)
Douglas Smith, et al. USDA-ARS, National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory; West Lafayette, IN Dredging of Drainage Ditches Can Increase Short-Term Contaminant Transport, (PDF; 0.2 MB)

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