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NRCS Special Emphasis Watershed Studies

About the Studies

Ten Special Emphasis Watershed studies managed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) support the National Assessment component of the Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP). They complement the CEAP National Assessment with in-depth watershed-level studies that address specific resource concerns such as manure management on animal feeding operations, water use on irrigated cropland, drainage management, wildlife habitat and riparian restoration.

The National Agricultural Library maintains a dynamic bibliography cataloging all watershed studies from 2003 to the present.

The Current Research Information System (CRIS) is USDA's documentation and reporting system for ongoing and recently completed research and education projects.

Special Emphasis Watersheds Location
Cheney Lake Bibliography (Articles)
Fact Sheet (PDF; 2.0 MB)
Poster (PDF; 7.4 MB)
Choptank River Bibliography (Articles)
Bibliography (Books)
Fact Sheet (PDF; 2.7 MB)
Poster (PDF; 7.6 MB)
Choptank River Project Final Report, October 2009 (PDF; 3.8 MB)
Using Satellite Remote Sensing to Estimate Winter Cover Crop Nutrient Uptake Efficiency, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, September/October 2009
Federal-State Partnership Yields Success in Remote Sensing Analysis of Conservation Practice Effectiveness: Results from the Choptank River Conservation Effects Assessment Project, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, September/October 2009
ARS's Quest To Improve the Chesapeake Bay, Agricultural Researchmagazine, November/December 2006
Special Emphasis CEAP Watershed: Choptank River, CEAP-ARS Watershed Assessment annual meeting, May 2006 (PDF; 4.7 MB)
Jobos Bay Bibliography (Articles)
Bibliography (Books)
Fact Sheet (PDF; 1.7 MB)
Poster (PDF; 5.8 MB)
Hydrology and water quality of a field and riparian buffer adjacent to a mangrove wetland in Jobos Bay watershed, Puerto Rico, Ecological Engineering, December 2012 (PDF; 0.8 MB)
Characterization of Land-Based Sources of Pollution in Jobos Bay, Puerto Rico: Status of Heavy Metal Concentration in Bed Sediment, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, February 2012
A Baseline Assessment of the Ecological Resources of Jobos Bay, Puerto Rico, NOAA Technical Memorandum, July 2011
Puerto Rico
North Bosque River Bibliography (Articles)
Fact Sheet (PDF; 1.6 MB)
Poster (PDF; 5.6 MB)
Sprague River Bibliography (Articles)
Bibliography (Books)
Fact Sheet (PDF; 1.7 MB)
Poster (PDF; 5.4 MB)
Sprague River CEAP Study Report, March 2009 (PDF; 5.1 MB)
Stemple Creek Bibliography (Books)
Fact Sheet (PDF; 2.8 MB)
Poster (PDF; 9.6 MB)
Upper Auglaize River Bibliography (Articles)
Bibliography (Books)
Fact Sheet (PDF; 2.6 MB)
Poster (PDF; 5.7 MB)
Upper Snake Rock Bibliography (Articles)
Fact Sheet (PDF; 3.5 MB)
Poster (PDF; 7.1 MB)
Upper Tiffin Fact Sheet (PDF; 2.4 MB)
Poster (PDF; 6.1 MB)
Wood River Bibliography (Articles)
Bibliography (Books)
Fact Sheet (PDF; 0.5 MB)
Wood River Project Final Report, April 2010 (PDF; 2.8 MB)
Wood River photos 2006