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EFT - Contact Info

EFT Support

EFT Support:

Users with an eAuth ID can also access the Help Desk portal at  On this portal they can:

  • Submit issues (i.e. tickets)
  • View the status of their issues
  • See FAQs
  • See our hours of operation and hotline number
  • Contact us via Chat
  • See Announcements

Project Manager - Josh Jordan (970) 893-0401

EFT – Training Resources

Training videos for EFT can be found at: 

NRCS users can also find support and training resources available in the NRCS Engineering Field Tools Software Community in USDA Connect.

NRCS staff interested in live training on EFT should contact:
    Eric Fleming, Agricultural Engineer, East NTSC,
    Kip Yasumiishi, Civil Engineer,