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EFT - Frequently Asked Questions

EFT Support

Miscellaneous Questions

Why don't I see any updates when I click on Help >> Software Updates >> Find and Install >>Search for updates of the currently installed features?  Currently, almost all updates are being assigned a new version number.  The new version number indicates that there is a new feature.  Therefore, you must update by clicking on Help >> Software Updates >> Find and Install >>Search for new features to install.
How do I get EFT? EFT is now initially delivered via SMS, which means it's automatically delivered to all those in the USDA who have CCE compatible machines and are on the receiving list. To put yourself on the list, please contact your Help Desk.

What are the system requirements? System requirements can be found here.
Do you offer training? Primarily self-paced only. See Self Paced Training.

Is technical support available? For what cost? Currently, EFT is only available for CCE compatible machines in the USDA network. Therefore tech support is available to you for free. Email "", or ask your support/help desk. Also see Contact Us.
What design tools are currently available for EFT? Currently, the following tools are available:

  • Survey Engineering tool (SET)
  • Waterway Design Tool (WDT)
  • Terrace Design Tool (TDT)

Work is proceeding on Pipeline Design Tool (PDT). Please see the EFT home page.

Is EFT compatible with Microsoft Vista? Some users have tried it on Vista, and report that it works fine. However, the development team has not tested it at all, so we don't support that configuration. When CCE decides to support Vista, then so will we, since we do support EFT in a CCE compatible configuration.

I have EFT, but I can't seem to use it. What do I do? See the next item below.

I already have EFT. How can I get the latest version? If EFT has been installed on your machine (automatically, via SMS), then you need to immediately update to the latest release. As delivered, EFT consists only of the framework without any design tools at all. You get the tools via the update.

How do I update EFT?

  • Fire up EFT, and click on Help >> Software Updates >> Find and Install >> Search for new features to install.
  • You should be presented with a selection, "National Engineering Field Tools Update Center". If so, check it and click Finish. If not, click the "New Remote Site..." button, and add "" for the URL, and "National Engineering Field Tools Update Center" for the Name. Then click Finish.
  • Checkmark "EFT" (topmost level), and choose Done.
  • Answer any prompts, and restart when asked if you want to do so.

I have an older version of EFT (or SET), and the update site says there is no update available. I know there's a more current version available. How do I get it? You have an older, incompatible version of EFT, so you need to install the new framework first.  You then immediately update as discussed above.  Note, however, that the new framework is only delivered via SMS to folks on "the list", so you may first have to call your Help Desk to get on that delivery list.

I no longer wish to use EFT. How do I uninstall?

  • Be sure to first use Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs to zap EFT. It's important that you do this step first.
  • Physically remove/delete the C:\Program Files\USDA\EFT folder in its entirety.  
  •  Your datafiles reside in My Documents\My EFT Files, and "Add or Remove Programs" does not remove that data. If you wish to delete it, just remove the My Documents\My EFT Files folder. You may wish to back it up or archive it first.
  • The last step is to remove the C:\Program Files\USDA\EFT directory, which is where EFT was installed.  This gets rid of anything else that might have been left behind.

Operational Problems

I just imported a Toolkit customer account, and now I can't open *any* design files!

  • Check that you have no ampersands ("&") in your imported customer name.  If you do, here's how to fix it.  This should be fixed in the latest version (see also, "Troubleshooting"), but if this doesn't help, please email with details of the problem.
    • Exit EFT
    • Go into your sandbox (My Documents\My EFT Files) and delete the file EFT_Manifest.xml,
    • In that same directory, change all directory names which have the "&" to exclude that character.  Change it to "and" (recommended).
    • Restart EFT