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Maryland Department of Agriculture

New Success Stories

Title: Implementing Point to Non-Point Source Nutrient Trading in the Chesapeake Bay

Grantee: Maryland Department of Agriculture

Year: 2009                                                                                       

Amount: $511,750

Project: In 2010, Maryland state law authorized the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) to develop and implement an agricultural nutrient trading program to allow for the offset of nutrient loads from both point and nonpoint sources. Through this CIG award, MDA partnered with the World Resources Institute to develop an online trading platform to implement the trading program and its policies.

Results: The Maryland trading platform is derived from World Resources Institute (WRI)'s Nutrient Net suite of tools and is designed to integrate information from both the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership Watershed Model and NRCS’s Nutrient Tracking Tool. The online suite of tool components includes: the customized Maryland assessment tool; a registry to catalogue certified credits and completed trades; an administrative module to assist MDA with monitoring the program; and an interactive map to delineate field boundaries and retrieve information. A video on the NutrientNet webpage explains nutrient trading in Maryland.

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