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Electric Power Research Institute

New Success Stories

Title: Coupling Market Infrastructure with Ecosystem Service Markets: Initial Framework Scoping for an Ohio River Credit Trading Program & A Credit Trading Registry for the Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Project

Grantee: Electric Power Research Institute

Year: 2009 & 2012 ;

Amount: $297,778 & $1,000,000

Project: Since 2009, EPRI has used CIG funding to develop proven, innovative, financial grade market infrastructure and services tailored for the Ohio River Basin and its stakeholders. The Ohio River Basin water quality trading program facilitates point-to-nonpoint source trading, allowing power plants to trade for water quality credits with agricultural producers.

Results: In 2012, EPRI announced the signing of the Nation's first multi-state water quality trading compact, allowing for trading across state lines in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The first pilot trades for credits generated by farmers occurred in 2014 and the first auction for credits is scheduled for April 2015.

The Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Project