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World Resources Institute

New Success Stories

Title: Building An Online Multistate Water Quality Trading Platform And Carbon Estimation Tool For The Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Grantee: World Resources Institute

Year: 2010                                                                   

Amount: $600,000

Project: The World Resources Institute (WRI) looked to build on its Nutrient Net tool to build a multistate platform for water quality trading in the Chesapeake Bay that standardizes market infrastructure, standardizes calculation tools for nutrients, and incorporates calculations for carbon and sediment co-benefits that result from BMP implementation. The platform would also include a farm profit calculator.

Result: WRI successfully developed the Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Tracking Tool (CBNTT), a multistate agricultural nutrient credit estimation tool and credit registry and marketplace. CBNTT has been adopted by Maryland and is being evaluated for adoption by Virginia and Pennsylvania. The use of CBNTT by multiple Chesapeake Bay states would promote consistency by harmonizing critical infrastructure components across state trading platforms, increasing the potential for future interstate or basin-wide trading.

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