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Environmental Defense Fund II

New Success Stories

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Title: Development of Protocols and Accounting Methods for Carbon Sequestration on US Rangelands

Grantee: Environmental Defense Fund

Year: 2010

Amount: $638,793

Project: Research by the Marin Carbon Project has showed that adding compost to rangelands can substantially increase the amount of carbon stored in soil, an effect that persists over time. This project developed a scientifically robust and credible protocol for calculating the amount of stored carbon and converting it into tradable carbon offset credits.

Results: In October 2014, the American Carbon Registry approved the Compost Additions to Grazed Grasslands protocol for calculating greenhouse gas reductions from applying compost to rangeland. Ranchers looking to take advantage of this approval can now model the increase in carbon sequestration on their land and once it’s verified, generate tradable carbon offset credits.