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Title: Avoided Grassland Conversion Carbon Project

Grantee: Ducks Unlimited

Year: 2011

Amount: $161,180

Project: The Prairie Pothole region has seen an expansion of cropland into former grazing lands as producers have sought to take advantage of high commodity prices.  Avoiding conversion to cropland and maintaining lands in grass can provide a multitude of environmental benefits, including the permanent storage of carbon in soils. Ducks Unlimited and partners developed a protocol for measuring and quantifying the amount of carbon stored through the avoided conversion of grasslands to cropland. The ability to measure and quantify this carbon storage allows landowners to generate carbon credits for potential sale in voluntary carbon markets.

Results: The Avoided Conversion of Grasslands and Shrublands protocol was approved by the American Carbon Registry and used by private landowners to generate carbon credits on ranch lands in North Dakota. In 2014, in a first-of-its-kind transaction, Chevrolet purchased credits generated using this protocol  as part of its corporate sustainability initiative.