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Pest Management

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Pest Management in NRCS is primarily focused on helping producers mitigate the environmental risks of pest control activities, including pesticide risks to soil, water air, plants, animals, and humans.  

If you have a question about:

·        Animal health and welfare
·        Biotechnology
·        Import Export
·        Plant Health
·        Quarantines of plants, animal or pests
·        Wildlife Damage

Please contact the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service:

NRCS Pest Management Policy

WIN-PST 3.1:  Windows Pesticide Screening Tool v 3.1

NWCC Core 4 Pest Management

NEDC Pest Management Course Materials



WIN-PST 3.0 Windows Pesticide Screening Tool v 3.0 

  • WIN-PST 3.0 is no longer supported. Please use WIN-PST 3.1