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Alternative Enterprises and Agritourism

Alternative Enterprises and Agritourism - Farming for Profit and Sustainability

This Resource Manual contains 2,300 pages of reference material. It is divided into 20 chapters and 37 subchapters to guide you to a subject of interest. The "Table of Contents and Abstracts" at the beginning of each chapter includes a brief description of articles, books, and publications. Source information includes websites, telephone numbers, email, and addresses on how to obtain copies of the subject matter.  Each chapter contains articles, short publications, technical notes, and/or copies of the table of contents and forward or executive summary of books and publications.

Table of Contents

This report is also available in Adobe Acrobat format. Some files are very large in size to download, so please save the files to your desktop and then open. Introduction — Cover Letter and Table of Contents (PDF; 1.4 MB)
Chapter I — Alternative Enterprises and Agritourism Introduction (PDF; 6.0 MB)
Chapter II — Assessing Natural Resources for Alternative Enterprises (PDF; 421 KB)
Chapter III — Conservation Opportunities (PDF; 44.0 MB)
Chapter IV — Rural Tourism (PDF; 9.3 MB)
Chapter V — Agritourism (PDF; 31.0 MB)
Chapter VI — Nature Tourism (PDF; 20.0 MB)
Chapter VII — Heritage and Cultural Tourism (PDF; 21.1 MB)
Chapter VIII — Alternative Enterprises (PDF; 64.2 MB)
Chapter IX — Success Stories (PDF; 19.0 MB)
Chapter X — Workshops (PDF; 5.0 MB)
Chapter XI — Trends and Data (PDF; 9.5 MB)
Chapter XII — Decision Making and Business Planning (PDF; 16.3 MB)
Chapter XIII — Regulations and Legal Concerns (PDF; 4.1 MB)
Chapter XIV — Liability Insurance (PDF; 3.7 MB)
Chapter XV — Marketing (PDF; 78.4 MB)
Chapter XVI — Funding and Assistance Programs (PDF; 6.1 MB)
Chapter XVII — Resource People (PDF; 15.5 MB)
Chapter XVIII — Outreach (PDF; 7.1 MB)
Chapter XIX — Website List (PDF; 1.4 MB)
Chapter XX — Resources (PDF; 141 KB)