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SCS 1966 Economics Guide

This web site contains the Soil Conservation Service Economics Guide, 1966 with minor later revisions.

The 1966 Economics Guide was finally completely offically replaced with The NRCS National Economics Handbook, Part 610 through 613, in July, 2012.
Actual SCS / NRCS guidance and work  for earlier years were based on the latest draft Economic Handbooks given national distribution listed below:

Additional material is in the NRCS Economic and Watershed Technical Notes in chronological order, 2013 going back to the 1950s.

 The SCS Economics Guide, 1966, with 1970 revisions, PDF, 20MB)


Introduction and Detailed Contents
Chapter 1  Economic Analyses - Uses, Framework and Standards)
Chapter 2 Application of Economic Analysis in Project Formulation
Chapter 2App APPENDIX 1975 URB1 User Manual
Chapter 3 Floodwater Damages and Benefits
Chapter 4 Restoration of Former Productivity, Changed Land Use,
and More Intensive Use of Benefited Land
Chapter 5 Sediment and Erosion
Chapter 6 Drainage Measures
Chapter 7 Irrigation Measures
Chapter 8 Municipal and Industrial Water Supply
Chapter 9 Recreation, Fish and Wildlife Development
Chapter 10 Cost Allocation and Cost Sharing
Chapter 10A 1970 Revisions to chapter 10
Chapter 10B Cost Allocation Example 1
Chapter 10C Cost Allocation Example 2
Chapter 11 Secondary Benefits
Chapter 12 Redevelopment Benefits
Chapter 13 Land, Easements, and Rights-of-Way
Chpater 14 Short Cuts in Evaluation Procedures
Chapter 15 Economic Projections