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Hereford Resource Team

Summary and Objective:

The objective of the Hereford Resource Team Environmental Quality Incentives Program is to promote the use of conservation practices for improving the natural resources throughout the four county team area. Some of the major resource concerns identified by the Castro, Deaf Smith, Parmer and Swisher County Local Work Groups to be addressed in 2015 are Degraded Plant Condition, Livestock Production Limitation, Soil Erosion, Soil Quality Degradation, Insufficient Water, and Water Quality Degradation. The Hereford Resource Team Local Work Groups have identified Insufficient Water, Water Quality Degradation, Soil Erosion, Degraded Plant Health and Inefficient Energy Use as the highest priorities of concern within the four county area.

Available funds will be disbursed among the land uses as follows:

  • Irrigated Cropland - 65 percent of allocated funds
  • Dry Cropland - 10 percent of allocated funds
  • Range and Pastureland -25 percent of allocated funds

The primary resource concerns of each landuse are as follows:

  • Irrigated Cropland - Insufficient Water, Water Quality Degradation and Inefficient Energy Use
  • Dry Cropland - Soil Erosion, Soil Quality and Water Quality
  • Range and Pastureland - Degraded Plant Condition, Livestock Production Limitation and Inefficient Energy Use

Applications that address multiple resource concerns will more than likely achieve a higher ranking score. In order to be eligible to sign-up for EQIP the applicant must be determined to be an eligible producer by the NRCS. Established screening criteria will be used to determine the priority in which applications will be processed.

High Priority Applicants are those who wish to use program funds to assist them in implementing or maintaining an RMS or progressive level conservation plan.
Medium Priority Applicants are those who do not have any type of conservation plan approved at the time of application but are willing to develop one.
Low Priority Applicants are those who do not have any type of conservation plan on file and do not wish to develop one. All other instances of program applications will be considered "None" or no priority and therefore ineligible for ranking purposes.

All applicable practices contained in the FY2015 Texas Payment Schedule will be eligible for cost assistance. Two special categories apply to certain groups and will receive a higher Payment Rate.

Those groups are:

  1. Beginning Farmer or Rancher
  2. Socially Disadvantaged Farmer or Rancher

For definitions of these groups go to

Hereford Resource Team process for ranking and funding applications: For eligible applications taken within the Hereford Resource Team area, the ranking score will be determined by the land use and resource concerns addressed by the predominance of cost shared practices. Applications will only be ranked against other applications with similar land use. Those applications addressing a higher level of priority resource concerns at the national, state, and local levels will receive priority consideration. Applications will be funded in ranking order by land use until all available funds are expended. Applications not selected for contracts will be deferred to the next funding period.

County Resource Concerns in Priority Order: (from eFOTG Section 3)

Landuse (sub-accounts) Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3
Irrigated Cropland Insufficient Water Water Quality Degradation Inefficient Energy Use
Non-Irrigated Cropland Soil Erosion Inefficient Energy Use Water Quality Degradation
Pasture N/A N/A N/A
Range Degraded Plant Condition Livestock Production Limitation Inefficient Energy Use
Wildlife N/A N/A N/A
Forest Land N/A N/A N/A