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Explore the Science of Soil Health

Following the popular “Soil Health Lessons in a Minute” video demonstrations, NRCS and film maker Robin “Buz” Kloot, PhD, have once again teamed up to develop a series of short videos—this time focusing on the science of soil health. Buz, who is a Research Associate Professor at the Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, made a cross-country trek in the fall of 2013 to interview some of the nation’s leading researchers and experts—in order to more fully understand the science of soil health.

Science of Soil Health  Season 1The Science of Soil Health: Season 1
Episode 1: Series Trailer
Episode 2: Getting a handle on mineralizable N in soils
Episode 3: Changing the way we think about microbes
Episode 4: What happens when you till?
Episode 5: Cover crops and moisture
Episode 6: Simulating rainfall on pastures
Episode 7: Understanding the value of legumes and nitrogen-fixing microbes
Episode 8: Using cover crops to soak up nutrients for the next crop
Episode 9: Night crawlers and soil water flow
Episode 10: Fighting plant disease with microbes
Episode 11: Without carrot or stick

Soil Health Season 2The Science of Soil Health: Season 2
Episode 1: Soil feeds plants and vice versa
Episode 2: Compaction
Episode 3: Precision cover cropping
Episode 4: The Weil Brassica Research Team
Episode 5: Dynamic Cropping Systems
Episode 6: The Science of Soil Health: Systems in Agroecology
Episode 7: Natural Systems and Weeds
Episode 8: The Science of Soil Health: Using Insects to Manage Pests
Episode 9: The Science of Soil Health: Mimicking Nature in the Lab

Season 3 GraphicThe Science of Soil Health: Season 3
Episode 1:Cycle, re-cycle, repeat: Carbon’s journey through the soil powers life as we know it
Episode 2:Breathtaking symbiosis…
Through respiration, soil microbes provide key benefit to plants, scientist says

Episode 3: The Science of Soil Health: Going Deeper
Episode 4: The Science of Soil Health: Going Deeper, Part 2
Episode 5: The Science of Soil Health: Finale, Part 1
Episode 6: Bringing the science of soil health home: Chapter 1 – Introduction
Episode 7: Chapter 2: Understanding the basics: Buz’s ‘fab-five facts of healthy soil
Episode 8: Chapter 3: Minimize Disturbance, or "Do Not Disturb!
Episode 9: Chapter 4 - The Great Cover Up: How Nature Protects and Enriches the Soil       
Episode 10: Chapter 5- Mix it Up! Managing for Diversity