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'The Hope in Healthy Soil’ Video Series

This seven-part video series produced by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service explores how an increasing number of farmers throughout the country are creating a new hope in healthy soil by regenerating our nation’s living and life-giving soil.

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Full-length, combined chapters: The hope in healthy soil (19:31)
How America’s farmers are breathing new life into our nation’s soils.

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Chapter 1 (1:54)
Chapter one introduces viewers to “The Hope in Healthy Soil” video series, which is designed to help consumers, educators and students understand many of the important principles and practices behind the growing soil health movement and how soil health management systems provide a wide range of on- and off-farm benefits.

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Chapter 2 (2:44)
Unlocking the secrets in the soil
There is an amazing, hidden, living kingdom beneath our feet. While scientists work to more fully understand this complex and elegant ecosystem, many producers already know that when they farm in ways that protect and enhance the soil’s microbial communities – good things happen.

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Chapter 3 (3:29)
Do not disturb – No-till farming

This video chapter briefly explains how farmers plant without plowing and the many benefits of no-till farming.



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Chapter 4 (2:24)
Farmers going under ‘cover’

This video chapter briefly explains what cover crops are and how they differ from other crops.



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Chapter 5 (5:57)
The benefits of going under ‘cover’

This video chapter explains why cover crops play a key role in soil health management systems and describes their many on- and off-farm benefits.


HIHS Chapter 6

Chapter 6 (2:57)
Mixing it up—the power of diversity

Crop rotations have been used for centuries to improve plant nutrition and to control the spread of pests and disease. Here are just some of the benefits of “mixing it up”…


HIHS Chapter 7

Chapter 7 (2:39)
The hope in healthy soil—Off-farm benefits
On the farm, healthy soil provides many benefits. But that’s only part of the story. Chapter seven outlines just a few of the off-farm benefits we also get from healthy soil.