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About Mini

New educational effort features tiny superhero of the soilMiniposter2-LR

She’s a wee bit smaller than your typical superhero.

But the creators of a new soil health-themed coloring book believe “Mighty Mini Microbe’s Tale” will encourage the next generation of real-life hero farmers, conservationists and scientists to further unlock the secrets in the soil.

The 24-page coloring book, produced by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, is part of its on-going “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil” soil health awareness and education campaign. It is illustrated by Cat Bailey, an NRCS public affairs specialist in Portland, Oregon.

“While the characters are fictional, there’s solid science behind the narrative,” said Ron Nichols, the book’s author and NRCS soil health campaign coordinator.

“Many people don’t realize the elegant symbiosis of life underground enables all life above ground,” he said. “Through this simple story we hope to encourage the next generation of farmers, scientists and consumers to learn more about what we can and should do to enable that subterranean life so we can rebuild and regenerate our soil to sustainably feed our growing population.”

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