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Mighty Mini Microbe

NEW Mighty Mini

New educational effort features tiny superhero of the soil

She’s a wee bit smaller than your typical superhero.

But the creators of a new soil health-themed educational effort believe “Mighty Mini Microbe’s Tale” will encourage the next generation of real-life hero farmers, conservationists and scientists to further unlock the secrets in the soil. Read more.


Just for kids! New coloring book!

In this learn-as-you-color, 24-page, science-based adventure tale, young soil explorers will discover how Mighty Mini Microbe and her band of soil superheroes (with a little help from soil health farmers and friends) take care of plants, people, and planet Earth.

View or download the coloring book. order the coloring book.


Meet Mighty Mini Microbe!

Meet the 3-D animated version of one Mighty Mini Microbe in this 3-D animated video promo. Watch (:15)