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FY2013 USDA Information Security Awareness Training

USDA Security Awareness Training is required of all TSPs who have an eAuthentication Account.  eAuthentication login is the login and password you use to access TechReg and AgLearn. 

The training is required annually.  The training announcement is sent out in September and is due in the early part of the new year.  This year USDA provides a deadline of March 31, 2013, but NRCS has set a January 31, 2013 deadline.  All TSPs should comply with the NRCS deadline, but must complete the training no later than March 31, 2013.  Non-compliance can result in your eAuthentication login to be disabled. 

If you have an AgLearn account, then this course should have been automatically loaded into your To Do List in AgLearn.  If the course does not show up in your To Do List, then you will need to add the course by searching for it in the catalog.  The course title and number is as follows:  FY2013 USDA Information Security Awareness Training, USDA-ISA-FY2013.  For those of you who do not have internet access, dial up internet access or do not have an AgLearn account, please contact your State TSP Coordinator for alternative training/exam materials. 

In the event that you can’t find your eAuthentication login or password or your password has expired, please contact the eAuthentication Help Desk at: or by phone (800) 457-3642.

If you experience any trouble taking the security training, aren’t able to load the training in your To Do List, can’t access the evaluation or can’t print the certificate, please contact the AgLearn Technical Support at: or by phone (866) 633-9394. (Posted 1-31-13)

NRCS’s Science & Technology Training Library serves as a launching point for current and archived Forestry, Fish & Wildlife, Organic Agriculture, Pasture Management, Soil Health/Soil Quality, Water Quality, Watersheds, and many other conservation and natural resource webinars. Many of the webinars featured on the site provide participants with continuing education credit, free of charge, from professional accrediting organizations such as SAF, ISA, CCA, and others. Additionally, a “Conservation Planner” category of credits is offered for NRCS webinars enabling participants to document their participation with a system-generated training certificate.

Be sure to check out our Science & Technology Training Library for your webinar needs. (Posted 1-31-13)

NEW TSP Orientation and Conservation Planning Course is available in AgLearn-Replaces taking two individual courses!

As a result of the streamlining initiative for the TSP Program, the requirement for all TSPs to take Conservation Planning Part 1, Modules 1-5 and TSP Orientation as separate courses has been folded into one course and exam.  The new course is titled TSP Orientation and Conservation Planning and is available online through AgLearn.  The previous TSP Orientation course is no longer available.  The new TSP Orientation and Conservation Planning course is a requirement of all TSPs for certification.    (Posted 10/10/2012)

NRCS will no longer support CPlanner

GeoAgro has notified NRCS that they will no longer support CPlanner. Without a well supported and functional planning tool available to access client data, NRCS must suspend use of the tool by TSPs and other users.

Effective immediately, the Conservation Transaction Plug-In module (CPlanner) has been turned off, and TSPs will no longer have access to NRCS client files through CPlanner. TSPs are instructed to work with State and local offices for obtaining client conservation plan information. More detail is available in National Bulletin (NB 440-12-11)(Posted 6/22/2012)

TechReg will no longer support anything other than the TSP Registry and TSP Profile Management functions

TechReg will be stripped of all educational and informational data regarding the TSP Program and will only continue to exist as the TSP Registery and TSP Profile Management site.  The new TSP Website will be the location housing all current and pertinent information about the TSP Program.