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TSP Certification


Eligibility and Certification

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) established a certification process for individuals, private businesses, American Indian tribes, non-profit organizations and public agencies interested in offering technical services to NRCS program participants.

The Technical Service Provider (TSP) certification process involves required training and verification of education, knowledge, skills and abilities in specific disciplines such as forestry, engineering, agronomy and grazing or wildlife management. The NRCS official certification process for TSPs occurs through TechReg, its online TSP registry. Visit the TechReg website for more information.

Certification and Training

Training is a critical component of the TSP certification process. NRCS offers an expansive list of training opportunities for new applicants and current TSPs. NRCS offers its courses through the Agriculture Learning Service (AgLearn) and the Science and Technology Library.

New AgLearn users must take the USDA Information Security Awareness course. To complete the training, the applicant must access the TechReg section D-Education and Training to register for AgLearn.

All TSP applicants seeking TSP certification to provide technical services to NRCS program participants must complete the "TSP Orientation and Conservation Planning" course. It can be found by typing the course name exactly as it appears above in the Search Catalog in AgLearn or by typing in the course number: 000191.

TSP Recommending Organizations

NRCS can enter into agreements with recommending organizations such as associations and licensing boards that help applicants become qualified for TSP certification in certain areas of expertise.

Partnering organizations may provide all or some of the necessary requirements a TSP needs for certification. The organization signs an agreement with NRCS to provide training or assistance to qualified individuals for NRCS certification as TSPs for specific technical services such as the development of conservation activity plans and/or planning, designing and helping with the implementation of conservation practices.

There is no funding associated with these agreements.

Recommending Organization Opportunities

  • Train, test and evaluate candidates for competency in technical service delivery;
  • Verify that candidates meet the NRCS certification requirements in the area(s) the recommending organization has specified in the agreement with the agency;
  • Recommend individuals who meet the NRCS certification requirement for providing guidance on specific practices, areas of technical service or conservation activity plan development to the national TSP Team leader.

To learn more about TSP recommending organizations, contact the national TSP Team at

Contact Information

To learn more about NRCS’s TSP program in your state, contact your State TSP Coordinators or e-mail the national TSP Team at