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Watershed Surveys and Planning - More Information

Section 6 of Public Law 83-566:

Provides for cooperation with Federal, State, and local agencies in making investigations and surveys of river basins as a basis for the development of coordinated water resource programs. Reports of the investigations and surveys serve as guides for the development of water, land, and related resources in agricultural, rural, and urban areas within upstream watershed settings. They also serve as a basis for coordination with major river systems and other phases of water resource management and development.

Section 3 of Public Law 83-566

Provides for assisting sponsoring local organizations to develop a plan on watersheds not exceeding 250,000 acres. During planning, problems such as water quality, flooding, water and land management, and sedimentation are evaluated and works of improvement are proposed to alleviate problems. The resulting watershed plans estimate benefits, costs, cost- sharing rates, and arrange for operation and maintenance necessary to justify Federal assistance to install works of improvement.

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