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Driftless Area Landscape Conservation Initiative

Driftless Area Landscape Conservation Initiative

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Success Story:Link to Driftless success story
Conserving a Unique Midwestern Landscape

The Driftless Area is a natural resource treasure, providing habitat for myriad animals and fertile land for farmers, ranchers and forest landowners. Erosion on the steep slopes of the region threatens habitat and farms alike. The Driftless Area Landscape Conservation Initiative (DALCI) was a 5-year effort launched in 2013 to help farmers fight erosion and restore coldwater stream corridors. Here is a look at the successful partnership effort to conserve the Driftless landscape.




Because the landscape is uniquely threatened by erosion, the initiative focused on, and achieved, four objectives that would help fight erosion and thereby help farmers, wildlife and water quality.

  1. Manage working lands for increased perennial cover, reducing erosion and runoff from farms and working lands.
  2. Manage woodlands for increased diversity, improving the health of the woods to provide habitat.
  3. Restore prairies and manage grasslands and oak savannas for habitat.
  4. Restore cold water streams, reducing stream bank erosion and threats of flooding while improving trout habitat.

Initiative Result



By the end of 2017, the initiative helped producers restore more than 25 miles of streams, increase brown trout numbers by over 30,000 fish, reduce runoff of sediment by 175,000 tons and improve 24,500 acres of upstream habitat.


Get Involved



Restoration and improvement activities continue in the Driftless area, even after the initiative's successful conclusion in 2017. Visit your local USDA Service Center to learn how you can get involved.

Contact: Dan Dostie, DALCI Coordinator (202) 720-6558