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Landscape Conservation Initiatives - Feature Stories

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Read the latest news releases about NRCS’ Landscape Conservation Initiatives. For other resources related to the agency’s landscape-level conservation efforts, visit our In the News webpage.

Feb. 16, 2015: Conservation Partnerships Improve Illinois River

Dec. 10, 2015: Habitat Restoration Benefits Both Wildlife and Working Lands

Nov. 12, 2015: NRCS Partners with Farmers, Ranchers to Aid Monarch Butterflies

Nov. 10, 2015: Restoring Longleaf Forests Helps Bobwhite, Other Species Rebound at Florida Research Station

Nov. 3, 2015: Farmers Find Conservation Good for Dobbins Creek in Soil Health

Oct. 19, 2015: Gopher Tortoise Habitats Thrive along Alabama's Gulf Coast

Oct. 15, 2015: Cattle and Honey Bees Graze in Harmony on Wisconsin Farm

Sept. 29, 2015: Community Unites to Help At-Risk New England Cottontail

Sept. 24, 2015: Wisconsin Farm Serves as an Example for How Conservation Benefits Agricultural Operations

Sept. 23, 2015: Minnesota Farmers Restore Coldwater Stream in Driftless Area

Sept. 22, 2015: Unprecedented Collaboration to Save Sage Grouse is the Largest Wildlife Conservation Effort in U.S.

Sept. 21, 2015: Maryland Dairy Farmers Work to Improve the Health of Estuaries

Sept. 11, 2015: Private Lands Conservation Helps Put New England Cottontail on Road to Recovery

Sept. 9, 2015: New Data Show Efforts to Restore Habitat for Sage Grouse Benefits Songbirds, Too

Aug. 27, 2015: New Sage Grouse Conservation Strategy Good for Cattle Ranches, Good for Birds

Aug. 17, 2015: Greater Sage-Grouse Population on the Rise

Aug. 14, 2015: Connecticut’s Efforts to Protect a True New England Native is No Illusion!

July 30, 2015: Fence Marking Project Protects Sage Grouse

July 20, 2015: New Report Highlights Sage Conservation Successes, Stories

July 14, 2015: Through Partnerships, Golden-Winged Warbler Thrives

July 9, 2015: USDA Employee Named ‘Recovery Champion’ for Oregon Chub Conservation Efforts

July 7, 2015: Survey: Lesser Prairie-Chicken Population Continues to Climb

June 30, 2015: Through Conservation, an Iowa Farmer Keeps Water Clean Downstream

June 23, 2015: The Mississippi River: Mending the Mighty from North to the Gulf

June 8, 2015: New Report Highlights Ranchers Restoring Habitat for Sage Grouse

May 29, 2015: Key Sage Grouse Habitat Protected in Colorado through a Conservation Easement Partnership

May 14, 2015: Texas Water District, USDA Partner to Show Producers Way to Use Water Wisely

April 20, 2015: USDA and Landowners Work Together to Overcome Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

April 2, 2015: A Bunny’s Tale: Protecting New England Cottontail Habitat on Cape Cod

April 1, 2015: Arkansas Conservation Partners Have a Big Impact in the St. Francis River Watershed

March 31, 2015: USDA Grant Improves Monitoring of Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Other At-Risk Wildlife

April 28, 2015: Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Other Species Benefit from Riparian Work in Utah

April 21, 2015: Bi-State Sage-Grouse Success Shows Importance of Voluntary Conservation Partnerships

April 7, 2015: Longleaf Pine Savanna Helps Educate Farmers, Others on Value of Forest

March 26, 2015: Conifer Forum Arms Bi-state Sage-Grouse Supporters with Tools to Tackle Encroachment

March 4, 2015: USDA's Bay Delta Initiative Enables Landowners to Remove Insecticides from California's Walker Creek

Feb. 19, 2015: Conservation Easements Protect a Special Place in Idaho for People and Nature

Feb. 12, 2015: USDA Sage Grouse Conservation Efforts to Continue and Grow

Jan. 12, 2015: Partnership to Help Sage Grouse Continues to Grow

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