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RCPP Core Principles

RCPP’s Core Principles

The most successful RCPP projects share four common characteristics. They innovate, leverage partner contributions, offer impactful solutions, and include a diverse and capable set of partners.


NRCS seeks projects that integrate multiple conservation approaches, implement innovative conservation approaches or technologies, build new partnerships, and effectively take advantage of program flexibilities that are unique to the RCPP program.

Partner Contributions

While the RCPP program provides approximately $300 million dollars annually to partner-led projects, the partners themselves provide their time, expertise, equipment and other contributions to elevate the overall impact of RCPP projects. NRCS encourages proposals that include partner contributions of at least equal to the amount of RCPP funding requested.


RCPP Proposals must include effective and compelling solutions that address one or more natural resource concerns within the proposed region or critical conservation area.

Partnerships & Management

Partners must have experience, expertise, and capacity to manage their project, provide outreach to producers, and quantify the effort’s environmental impact. Successful partnerships often include a variety of organizations to ensure the team has the capability and capacity to address multiple facets of a project’s natural resource concerns.

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