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Success with High Tunnels

Ganesh Balamurugan and Lakshmi Tata standing in their garden.

Organic Farmers Connect Local Communities to Traditional Produce

Ganesh Balamurugan and Lakshmi Tata have always enjoyed backyard gardening, planting vegetables and flowers in the yard of their suburban home. But just a few years ago, they purchased a home outside of town and established a half-acre organic vegetable farm called Edible Stories. Read more...

Jacqui Coburn standing insideher high tunnel.

#Fridaysonthefarm: Watering Crops the Scientific Way

Jacqui and Alex needed an irrigation water management plan -- a plan that would combine conservation principles with efficiency, balancing the farm's water needs with those of nature. Read more...

Doug Young's hand, full of soil

Soil Health at Any Scale: Building Soil Health in a High Tunnel

Doug looked on with particular interest at one of the soil samples used in the demonstration-it was from his conventionally tilled vegetable fields. During the demonstration, Doug saw runoff from his soil sample fill the jar with a dark brown liquid - indicating that his soil was not as healthy as it should be. He saw his soil was failing him, right before his eyes. Read more...