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CNMP Nutrient Management Element

Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program Act 38

The nutrient management element and a portion of the Manure and Wastewater Handling and Storage element of a CNMP are met by submitting a Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program Act 38-equivalent plan for the operation.

An Act 38-equivalent plan is a nutrient management plan identical in format and content to a regulated Act 38 nutrient management plan.

The nutrient budget for the land application of nutrients shall be planned for three future years of the crop rotation. Each nutrient budget will begin with the harvest of the final crop of the calendar year. For instance, the nutrient budget for crop year 2011 would begin when the last crop is harvested in 2010.

All appendices required in an Act 38 nutrient management plan are required for the Act 38-equivalent plan.

For the NRCS CNMP program, the Act 38-equivalent plan does not require review by a PA Nutrient Management plan reviewer and does not require conservation district board action.

The Act 38-equivalent Nutrient Management element is not a public document and is confidential

The producer may choose to submit the Act 38-equivalent plan to the PA Nutrient Management Program for review and approval, if desired, provided that the plan is written by a PA certified Nutrient Management plan writing specialist, reviewed by a PA certified Nutrient Management plan reviewer, then approved by the local conservation district.

Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program Reference Sites

Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program:  This web site provides a comprehensive source of information about Pennsylvania's Nutrient Management Act (Act 38, 2005) Program, and associated technical guidance and educational information. It also provides limited information concerning related programs.

Topics covered include:

-  Certification and Training
-  Planning tools and Resources
-  Record Keeping Checklist and Guidance
-  Technical Manual and Addendum
-  Educational Materials


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