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State Contacts for CNMP Development

Assistant State Conservationist for Programs
Barry Frantz
(717) 237-2216

EQIP Program Manager
Ed Sanders
(717) 237-2201

Assistant State Conservationist for Operations
Gary Smith
(717) 237-2204

Working with TSP Registry (TechReg)
Gary Smith
(717) 237-2204

Technical Assistance Contacts for Writing and Implementing CNMPs

State Resource Conservationist for Ecological Sciences and Conservation Planning
CNMP Plan Approval and Conservation Planner Certification

Dan Dostie
(717) 237-2256

CNMP PA Nutrient Management Program Liaison and Nutrient Management Element
Mark Goodson
(717) 237-2146

Land Treatment Element, Environmental Compliance Requirements, and Planner Certification Support
Gwendolyn Crews
(717) 237-2218  

Manure and Wastewater Handling and Storage - Technical Element
Hosea Latshaw
(717) 237-2212

Feed Management Element
Susan Parry
(717) 237-2253

Recordkeeping - Contact appropriate individual listed above 

Environmental Compliance Documentation
John Metrick
(717) 237-2214