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2016 CSP Water Quantity Enhancements

Water Quantity Enhancements

An"enhancement" is a conservation activity used to treat natural resources and improve conservation performance. Enhancements are designed to maintain or exceed the quality criteria, or stewardship level, for the resource concern. Enhancements tied directly to conservation practices standards exceed the minimum treatment requirements of the standard to address additional criteria or considerations. Conservation practice standards and quality criteria for resource concerns can be found in sections II and III of the Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG).

WQT01 Irrigation system automation Click for summary

WQT03 Irrigation pumping plant evaluation Click for summary

WQT05 Remote monitoring notification of irrigation pumping plants Click for summary

WQT07 Regional weather network Click for summary

WQT08 Decrease irrigation water quantity convert to nonirrigated crops Click for summary

WQT09 High level irrigation water management Click for summary

WQT10 Center pivot irrigation system end gun removal Click for summary

WQT11 Low energy precision application irrigation Click for summary

WQT12 Computerized hole selection for polypipe Click for summary

WQT13 Intermittent flooding of rice fields Click for summary