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2019 On-Farm Trials Award Recipients


2019 On-Farm Trials Award Recipients
Priority Applicant Project Description Funds Awarded States Involved
Precision Ag University of Nebraska Promoting adoption of innovative precision ag nitrogen management technologies through the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network for improved conservation stewardship $1,267,747 NE
Precision Ag Soil and Water Conservation Society Advancing Precision Nutrient and Soil Health Management with Retailer Cooperatives $1,453,232 NE, KS, IA
Management Technologies University of Maryland A solutions-based evaluation of barriers to farmer adoption of in-season nitrogen decision support tools $1,607,099 DE, MD, PA
Management Technologies Brookside Laboratories On-Farm Evaluation Partnership to implement enhanced efficiency fertilizer trials using new scientific protocol and an adaptive management approach $1,788,545 IL, IN, MI, OH
Management Technologies Auburn University The Future of Farming:  increasing adoption of conservation practices among Alabama row crop farmers $3,000,000 AL
Soil Health Demo Trial Water Resources Monitoring Group LLC Covering Ground: Investigation of Cover Crops for Soil Health in the Great Lakes Region $1,967,200 IL, OH, WI
Soil Health Demo Trial North Jersey RC&D Innovative Strategies for Cover Crop Termination: Demonstrating the Full Agronomic and Economic Value of Cover Crops to Accelerate Soil Health Management System Adoption $933,970 NJ
Soil Health Demo Trial Allamakee Soil and Water Conservation District Interseeding Cover Crops in V4-V7 Corn $286,907 IA
Soil Health Demo Trial University of Vermont and State Ag. College Enhancing Cover Crop Function through Modification of Production Practices in Northern Corn Silage Systems $1,144,441 VT
Soil Health Demo Trial Colorado Conservation Tillage Association FARMS: Farmers for Advancing Regenerative Management Systems $1,672,546 CO, KS, NE
Soil Health Demo Trial East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District Soil health management Systems for Orchards in California's Central Valley $1,574,097 CA
Soil Health Demo Trial Indiana Soybean Alliance Infield Advantage: A tiered programing framework that provides access to nutrient management and soil health trials to farmers who may not traditionally engage in conservation programs $600,000 IN
Soil Health Demo Trial National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Measuring Outcomes of Holistic Soil Health Management--a case study from a corporate supply chain $3,000,000 IN, MI, OH, NY, PA, TX, NM, KS, NE, ID, UT
Soil Health Demo Trial National Corn Growers (IL) Advancing Soil Health Management Strategies through On-Farm Trials in Illinois $2,409,500 IL
Irrigation Water Management Clemson University On-Farm Demonstration and Evaluation of Cloud-Based Soil Moisture Monitoring Technologies for Irrigation Scheduling to Enhance Farm Profitability and Environmental Quality $497,189 SC
Irrigation Water Management Nature Conservancy (KS) Creating fresh approaches to water use efficiency for communities and wildlife in a water-stressed area of Central Kansas $1,112,087 KS
    Total $24,314,560  
  Projects that substantively include Historically Underserved Producers and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers.      
    Subtotal of Soil Health Demo Trial $13,588,661