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Air Quality Overview

Air Quality Initiative

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Air Quality Initiative provides financial and technical assistance to help farmers and ranchers put the brakes on air pollution. Farmers and ranchers can help protect or improve air quality and improve the health of the environment by voluntarily applying conservation practices on their land that address agricultural-related air quality issues.  The Air Quality Initiative is available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas, but farmers and ranchers can voluntarily adopt conservation practices for air quality nationwide.

Improvement Opportunities On Your Land

Atmospheric concerns related to agriculture include greenhouse gas emissions, ozone precursors, volatile organic compounds, airborne particulate matter, and some odor-related volatile compounds.

The National Air Quality Site Assessment Tool (NAQSAT) is available for livestock producers and their advisors or consultants who are interested in voluntarily assessing or improving air quality for their operations. The tool can provide assistance in determining areas in livestock and poultry operations with opportunities to make changes that can result in reduced emissions. NAQSAT is based on the most accurate, credible data currently available regarding mitigation strategies for emissions of ammonia, methane, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, particulates, and odor.

For more information about agricultural air quality concerns, see the Air Quality topic.

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