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2014 Farm Bill - Conservation Innovation Grants

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CIG at a Glance

Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) are competitive grants that stimulate the development and adoption of innovative approaches and technologies for conservation on agricultural lands. CIG uses Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) funds to award competitive grants to non-Federal governmental or nongovernmental organizations, American Indian Tribes, or individuals. Producers involved in CIG funded projects must be EQIP eligible.

Through CIG, NRCS partners with public and private entities to accelerate technology transfer and adopt promising technologies. These new technologies and approaches address some of the Nation's most pressing natural resources concerns. CIG benefits agricultural producers by providing more options for environmental enhancement and compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations.  

CIG Funding Opportunities



National Competition

NRCS is piloting a concentrated approach for awarding CIGs to address the nation’s top natural resource priorities. This new approach allows NRCS to aggressively impact the natural resource areas of critical concern. The CIG focus for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 is Water Quality and Conservation Finance.

In keeping with NRCS’s mission of “Helping People Help the Land”, 10 percent of CIG funding will be set aside for projects benefitting historically underserved producers, farmers or ranchers who are military veterans, or organizations comprised of or representing these individuals.

The application period is now open through May 10, 2016. Please review the 2016 CIG Announcement for Program Funding (APF) for application requirements. 

Applications for CIG projects must be submitted through with a PDF to

State Competition

The CIG state component emphasizes projects that benefit a limited geographical area. Participating states will announce their funding availability for CIG competitions through their state NRCS offices. For additional information about State CIG competitions, please contact your State NRCS office or search for the latest postings here.

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2015 CIG Awards (PDF, 138KB)
CIG Fact Sheet (PDF,  280 KB)
CIG Congressional Report (PDF, 916 KB)
Top 10 CIG Stories (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Program Contact
Mike Bennett, CIG Program Manager (202) 720-1895
Melleny Cotton, Program Analyst (202) 720-7412