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Success Stories: NRCS’ Work with Veterans

Veteran Returns to Farming Roots GovDelivery

#FridaysOnTheFarm: Veteran Returns to Farming Roots 

This Friday meet Bill Renfroe, an Air Force veteran in Lovelock, Nevada, who can now add “beginning farmer” to his resume. While Bill had initially dreamt of retiring somewhere green, that vision enfolded into fields of green alfalfa in northwestern Nevada. Read the article.

After serving our country, see how two veterans embarked on a career in agriculture and made a difference for one of our country's poorest counties.

#FridaysOnTheFarm: Veterans Growing Jobs, Food and Futures in West Virginia    

May 18, 2018 - This Friday, meet Jason Tartt and Sylvester “Sky” Edwards, two military veterans who are reviving agriculture in McDowell County, West Virginia. Using high tunnels to grow healthy local food, they are training other potential farmers from their community, improving the health and economy of the area. Read the article. 

thumbnail of screencap of benefits of water conservation navajo nation youtube video

Conservation as a Peace Offering to Vietnam War Veteran

In Gilbert Harrison’s community, the Navajo Reservation called Gagii’ahi that sits along the San Juan River, manual irrigation was ineffective. They had used ditches and flows, which lost much water due to evaporation during arid summers. Now, with his gated pipes, Harrison is conserving water. Read the USDA blog post.

NRCS DC Tony Moore and veteran Adam Boge standing in a hayfield talking

USDA Helps Iraqi War Veteran Enhance Conservation On Farm

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is helping Iraq War veteran Adam Boge improve technology and other efficiencies in his new farming operation, allowing the Ventura farmer to prepare for long-term success in the first full year on his own. Read the USDA blog post.