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2016 Wetland Mitigation Banking Projects

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The wetland mitigation banking program offers new options to farmers and ranchers to mitigate wetlands impacted by agricultural activities while ensuring meaningful wetland restoration and protection through third party wetland mitigation banks. Below are the FY 16 projects and summaries:

Georgia | Illinois | Iowa | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | Nebraska | North Dakota | Ohio | South Dakota


Sponsor: Corblu Ecology Group, LLC

Funding: $623,800

Corblu has conducted research to determine where the high wetland conservation compliance workload is geographically located in Georgia. Corblu has extensive experience in working with state agencies and the Department of Defense to create wetland banks. Fifty acres of prior converted wetlands will be targeted for restoration. Nationally Georgia is a high workload state for conservation compliance.

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Sponsor: Magnolia Land Partners, LLC

Funding: $313,187

Magnolia Land Partners (MLP) is a for-profit ecosystem services organization and has extensive experience in developing important habitat restoration projects. Illinois is a high workload state for conservation compliance. MLP will seek assistance from Pheasants Forever to be the easement holder for the individual bank sites. Expiring Conservation Reserve Program land (CRP) will be targeted for the specific wetland restorations.

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Sponsor: Iowa Agricultural Mitigation, Inc.

Funding: $698,000

Iowa Agricultural Mitigation, Inc. has been operating a successful agricultural mitigation bank for several years. This bank will be located in the Prairie Pothole Region of western Iowa where demand for wetland credits is high. The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation will assist the bank manager with marketing its program as well as finding bank sites.

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Sponsor: Michigan's Quality of Life Agencies (Department of Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Department of Environmental Quality)

Funding: $1 million

This wetland mitigation bank project will target both state-owned land and expiring Conservation Reserve Program Land (CRP) to develop a wetland mitigation bank. Michigan is a high workload state for wetland conservation compliance. MDNR has extensive experience in working with agricultural producers. MDNR will use its experienced GIS staff to help identify potential bank sites.

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Sponsor: Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR)

Funding: $1 million

BWSR has a well-established banking program that is authorized through state legislation. The BWSR effort will initially focus on bolstering bank credits in Western Minnesota, especially in the Prairie Pothole Region. BWSR has a well-crafted web site that provides producers with all of the needed information to initiate the wetland mitigation banking process. BWSR has experienced technical and easement specialists to help administer the program. Credits would be immediately available for purchase by agricultural producers.

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Sponsor: Minton Environmental Consultants, LLC

Funding: $ 1million

Davis and Bradley Minton developed one of the first agricultural mitigation banks in the nation in the early 1990s The Mintons also operate a commercial wetland bank. This new agricultural wetland mitigation bank will be located in Missouri’s southeast Bootheel Region where it will be used to restore wetlands in the Mississippi River floodplain.

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Sponsor: Westervelt Ecological Services, LLC (WES)

Funding: $ 991,780

Westervelt Ecological Services, LLC (WES) is one of the most experienced, for-profit wetland mitigation banking companies in the nation. This bank will be located in south central Nebraska's Rainwater Basin. The Rainwater Basin provides critical migration habitat for millions of migrating birds. Nebraska's Board of Educational Lands and Funds (BELF) will assist WES by providing wetland mitigation banking sites. BELF also will hold the easements for the restored wetlands created within the bank.

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North Dakota

Sponsor: Dakota Wetland Partners, LLC

Funding: $358,400

Traditionally, North Dakota has a high workload for conservation compliance. This bank will target the Prairie Pothole Region of North Dakota. One hundred acres of wetland credits are planned. Dakota Wetland Partners will seek co-sponsorships from the North Dakota Farm Bureau, Soybean and Corn Growers Associations, the North Dakota Farmers Union and the Wheat Commission.

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Sponsor: North Coast Regional Council of Park Districts (NCRCPD)

Funding: $350,000

This project will focus on the creation of a wetland mitigation bank in Northern Ohio. The bank service area will be close to Lake Erie and can provide additional water quality benefits to this lake. Five bank sites will be immediately available, with 40 more additional bank sites planned for restoration. Ohio is a high workload state for conservation compliance. The applicant has commercial wetland mitigation banking experience. The proposed bank sites will be publicly owned.

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South Dakota

Sponsor: Dakota Wetland Partners, LLC

Funding: $990,000

South Dakota Wetland Partners have been developing a wetland mitigation banking framework, working with NRCS over the past two years. The bank will be located in an area of the Prairie Pothole Region that has an extremely high conservation compliance workload.

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