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Recovery Act Features and Events




On November 16, Georgia State Conservationist James E. Tillman, Sr., announced ground-breaking ceremonies and project reviews at three ARRA dam rehabilitation sites. NRCS image.


Ground-breaking Ceremonies at Five Flood Control Structures in Georgia
On November 16, Georgia State Conservationist James E. Tillman, Sr., announced ground-breaking ceremonies and project reviews at three ARRA dam rehabilitation sites.

A Recovery Act floodplain easement helps an Alaska family move their home away from a frequently-flooded area near Fairbanks. News-Miner image.

Endangered Alaska Home Hits the Highway
A Recovery Act floodplain easement helps an Alaska family move their home away from a frequently-flooded area near Fairbanks. Through the project, the house was cut in half and moved by truck of a mile to a safe location.

The New Creek Recovery Act project near Keyser, West Virginia.

New Creek Site 14 Dam Rehabilitation in Keyser, West Virginia
This Recovery Act project brings a high hazard dam into compliance with current design criteria and performance standards and maintains the current level of flood protection to the Town of Keyser, West Virginia. It is the first dam in West Virginia being rehabilitated under the Recovery Act.

Christine Clark, conservationist with the USDA, left, and Barnstable Town Manager John Klimm celebrate the awarding of federal funds to help with a variety of coastal projects. Photo by Rich Eldred.

$5 Million Targets Cape Cod Shellfish, Marshes
A tad over 20,000 acres of shellfish beds and marsh will be rejuvenated thanks to $5 million of Recovery Act funds. While the immediate beneficiaries will be bivalves, birds, and fish "this tide will lift all boats."

Charlette Epifanio, NRCS district conservationist in Petaluma, California, visits with landowner Elizabeth Cunningham about her riparian conservation project.

The Recovery Act in Your Community: Conservation for the Next Generation
Three family farms in California Stemple Creek Watershed recently received much-needed conservation assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service through the Recovery Act. Visit an historic ranch where NRCS helped a third-generation rancher make her operation more sustainable.

Oklahoma Stimulus Project Among Top 100. KTOK image.

Oklahoma Stimulus Project Among Top 100
Oklahoma's Sallisaw Creek Recovery Act project has made the White House's list of the top 100 stimulus projects. Using stimulus money, the Adair County dam will be brought up to current safety standards. A reservoir behind the dam will provide water for 20,000 people. 


An open limestone channel is a passive treatment measure to increase the pH of the mine drainage and aerate it as it flows through the limestone.

Visit West Virginia's Recovery Act Deckers Creek Acid Mine Drainage Project
This Recovery Act project in Preston County, West Virginia will treat acid mine drainage from mining sites using passive treatment measures such as open limestone channels (pictured here), limestone ponds, and settling ponds.

Dennis Alexander, New Mexico conservationist, front left, and Alex Gonzales, front right, chair of the Lava Soil and Water Conservation District, demonstrate their ribbon-cutting skills at the Prop Canyon dam's Aug. 27 ceremony. Looking on are state, county and city officials plus area residents. Cibola Beacon image.

Recovery Act Funding Helps Restoration of New Mexico Dam
With Recovery Act funding, landowners and agencies restore a 50-year-old flood control dam eroded by drought and wind. The project extends the dam's ability to protect people, crops, and wildlife in Cibola County for another 50 years.

New York City Waterhsed Recovery Act id.

Featured on YouTube! Recovery Act Improves New York City Water Quality
See conservation practices funded in part by ARRA that help provide more than a billion gallons of clean drinking water every day to 9 million New York City residents.

From left, Virginia

Recovery Act Protects 7.2-acre New Hampshire Property
NRCS Associate Chief Ginger Murphy tours a New Hampshire ARRA floodplain easement project that will manage flooding, protect water quality, restore wildlife habitat, and restrict future development.

Flooding in the Red River, Pembina, North Dakota. North Dakota Department of Health image.

USDA Recovery Act Easements to Restore More than 2,100 Acres of Agricultural Land in North Dakota
USDA purchases 17 floodplain protection easements for frequently-flooded agricultural land along the Red River in North Dakota. Easements will restore floodplains and protect communities from devastating floods.

Gary Larson, a conservationist for the federal government, speaks about the Bear Creek Watershed project on Friday in Spring Grove, Minn. Fred Schulze/Winona Daily News.

Work Begins on Minnesota and Iowa Watershed Dams
Work has begun work on two watershed dams in the Bear Creek watershed region, which includes areas in Minnesota and Iowa. ARRA money pays for contour strips and terraced plots designed to reduce runoff.

Homes along Plant Farm Road in Glen Jean have been among the hardest hit by floodwaters of Dunloup Creek for more than 45 years. The federal government recently began offering voluntary floodplain buyouts to residents in the watershed area, hoping to mitigate the costs of continued flood damage. On Thursday, residents and officials gathered to celebrate the first property buyout of the project. Photo by F. Brian Ferguson.

Officials, Residents Celebrate Purchase of First Floodplain Property along West Virginia Creek
The Recovery Act helps solve a 45-year flooding problem in the Dunloup Creek Watershed in Glen Jean, West Virginia. Effort has massive local support. Chief White Tours West Virginia ARRA Project.

Clay �una�McAlpine points to the original water flow, through coulees located on land he farms, with the new piped water flow behind him. Photo by Hayli Thompson.

Stimulus Funding Helps Complete Major Montana Water Projects
With Recovery Act funding, NRCS and Montana's Pondera County Canal and Reservoir Company finished a project begun in 1982 that will convey excess water back into waterways.

Lynn  Jenkins, right, district conservationist, and David Rauch, district representative for U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, walk up a new emergency spillway Tuesday afternoon to get to the top of B-2. The dam, part of the Lost Creek flood-control project, now complies with state dam regulations. Image by The Globe.

Missouri Flood-control Dam In Compliance for the First Time Eight Years
Thanks to ARRA, the Lost Creek B-2 watershed dam meets state dam regulations for the first time since 2002. Improvements to B-2, which began May 29, should be wrapped up by the first of September.

Grand River Greenway Picks Up Michigan Farmland for Park
A Recovery Act floodplain easement will turn more than 100 acres and a mile of riverfront property into a park. The land was formerly used for farming, but was prone to frequent flooding.

This photograph shows the entrance side of Pilot Grove dam No. 28, along with the entire front slope repair, which was made possible using federal funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This dam repair ensures environmental benefits for the landowners, livestock, and downstream communities.

First Texas ARRA Dam Repair Completed
The Natural Resources Conservation Service completed dam repairs on Pilot Grove Dam No. 28. The completed repairs will ensure the dams are safe, providing benefits for years to come.

Kagam ARRA groundbreaking.  Courtesy Marianas Daily Variety.

Kagman Watershed Project Moves Forward
NRCS and local partners broke ground on the ARRA Kagman watershed project in Saipan. The project involves the construction of waterways, sediment basins, a 70-million gallon reservoir, and an irrigation system. 

Confederated Colville Tribes Celebrate Return of Salmon
Years of stream restoration efforts on Omak Creek, leveraged with $625,000 in Recovery Act funding, the Confederated Colville Tribes recently celebrated the return of the Spring Chinook salmon. Flickr slideshow

Stream fencing protects against animal waste and streambank plantings.

Recovery Act at Work in the New York City Watershed
The Watershed Agriculture Council (WAC) showcased three farms in the New York City watershed where ARRA-funded conservation practices will help provide more than a billion gallons of clean drinking water every day to 9 million New York residents.

Southwest Iowa Easements Reduce Flooding This Spring
After heavy spring rains in southwest Iowa several ARRA-funded floodplain easements are already reducing flood damages, providing wildlife habitat and protecting water quality.

Chief White Commemorates Completion of First Recovery Act Flood Control Dam Project
Remarks by NRCS Chief Dave White, delivered at the Drummond, Oklahoma, Fire Station. Listen to this speech (13.5MB mp3 file)

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