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Programs Data In The RCA Interactive Data Viewer

Screenshot of RCA Viewer In Google Chrome

The RCA Interactive Data Viewer in Google Chrome, ready for use.


The Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act (RCA) of 1977 provides broad natural resource strategic assessment and planning authority for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The purpose of the RCA is to ensure that USDA programs for the conservation of soil, water, and related resources are responsive to the long-term needs of the Nation. Through RCA, USDA:

  • appraises the status and trends of soil, water, and related resources on non-Federal land and assesses their capability to meet present and future demands;
  • evaluates current and needed programs, policies, and authorities; and
  • develops a national soil and water conservation program to give direction to USDA soil and water conservation activities.

RCA Viewer Website

NRCS launched the RCA Interactive Data Website to provide a range of USDA data on natural resource conditions and conservation efforts in a user friendly format, using official data sources. Currently it contains data at the State, Regional (USDA Farm Production Regions), and National levels for FY 2005-2013, and  program-specific reports for the 2008 Farm Bill programs.

2008 Farm Bill Data Roundhouse, FY 2009 - 2014

Below is a list of pre-run reports of 2008 Farm Bill program data, for fiscal years 2009-2014. The reports include National and state-level data and maps on:

  • contracts / easements
  • financial obligations
  • conservation practices applied by resource concern

Click on [html] to view the full report with graphics on the Web, or [csv] to download the report data in CSV-format. 

National Conservation Programs Profile:  [html] [csv]

AMA:  [html] [csv]

AWEP:   [html] [csv]

CBWI:  [html] [csv]

CRP:  [html] [csv]

Conservation Security Program:  [html] [csv]

Conservation Stewardship Program:  [html] [csv]

CTA:        [html]    [csv]

EQIP:      [html]    [csv]

FRPP:      [html]    [csv]

GRP:        [html]    [csv]

HFRP:      [html]    [csv]

WRP:       [html]    [csv]

WHIP:     [html]     [csv]