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Technology Findings

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Interim Technical Report Fish and Wildlife Technology Findings

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) National Agricultural Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) was a fish and wildlife conservation technology development center.

Located in Madison, Mississippi, the AWCC offered annual grants to universities, research agencies, and conservation organizations to develop and transfer the best scientifically derived technology available for fish and wildlife habitat on agricultural lands.

This report was developed with assistance from  members of the former AWCC and former Wildlife Habitat Management Institute (WHMI), as well as national NRCS biologists and the NRCS Wildlife Team. Photographs in this report were provided by the NRCS, as well as its partners and cooperators.

It was compiled by Iowa State University for the former AWCC as part of a CESU cooperative agreement with Extension Wildlife Programs. To contact the former AWCC, call (601) 607-3131.


The documents below require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

About the former AWCC Projects (PDF, 243KB)

Guidelines Based on Interim Findings (PDF, 99KB)

Implications/Recommendations from NRCS Program Managers (PDF, 114KB)

Completed Technology Projects (PDF, 471KB)

Major Technology Projects

           Sage-Grouse Restoration (PDF, 105KB)

           Northern Bobwhite Quail Restoration (PDF, 703KB)

Technology Development Projects Underway (PDF, 206KB)

Resources, Publications, Tools, Input from former AWCC (PDF, 385KB)

Addendum: One Page Summaries of Completed Projects