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Volunteer stories




Volunteers Win National Honors for Enhancing Pollinator Habitat

– Earth Team Volunteers Pam Winegarden and Ralph Cooley plant vegetables that rely on pollinators in  raised beds at the Pollinator Pathway interactive educational display at the Jennings County Fairgrounds.Some scientists estimate that one out of every three bites of food we eat exists because of animal pollinators like bees, butterflies, birds, bats and many other critters. Learn more.



Volunteers Key to Lily Fest Success

Volunteers Key to Lily Fest SuccessSince 2008, Earth Team volunteers have become an integral part of Ohio’s Lily Fest’s success both during and in preparation for the event. Learn More



Life Skills Class Honored for Efforts as Earth Team Volunteers

Life Skills volunteer assembling bagsOver the past years, San Angelo, Texas’ Central High School Special Education Department’s Life Skills Class has assembled educational bags for conventions, school events, workshops, and Earth Day events as Earth Team Volunteers. Learn more



Earth Team Volunteers provide a Creative Spark

NHQ Student volunteersThese Earth Team volunteers provided the creative spark that’s was needed to help produce an amazing communications product. Learn more (1,068 KB)




Earth Team Pivotal in STEP UP Program

Volunteers in fieldSince its inauguration in 2011, 18 college students have volunteered 6,400 hours to NRCS as Earth Team volunteers thru the STEP UP program. Learn More (997 KB)