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Water Cycle Animation

The Water Cycle

Through its programs and initiatives, NRCS helps private landowners practice conservation, resulting in healthy ecosystems and clean water.                             

S.K. Worm Sings!

S.K. Worm Sings!

Join S.K. Worm for a performance of a lifetime in this animated music video for his hit song "Sharp Dressed Worm."

WhoBuddies Videos

WhoBuddies: The Mystery of the Sick Stream

Watch as Connor and his friends work with the Whobuddies to help improve the water quality of the stream running by his school.

WhoBuddies Videos

WhoBuddies: The Great Soil Discovery

Connor and his friends get back to work addressing soil health concerns in their watershed. They learn why good soil health is so important and what they can do to keep soil healthy.