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Does soil care about time? | NRCS

Does soil care about time?

  1. Is soil made through magic?

2. Does soil have parents?

3. What does the weather do to soil?

4. What's on, and in, the horizon?

5. How does soil help me keep my cool?

6. Do soils come in different colors?

7. How does water stay in the soil?

8. How does air get into the soil?

9. Why do plants like soil?

10. Do roots just help plants?

11. Does soil care about time?

12. Can we keep the soil from washing and blowing away?

13. What is soil conservation?

SK with an 80,000 year old basketball player

Soil is never in a hurry.

Especially when it comes to making more soil. It can take 1,000 years to form one-inch of soil. If people grew that slowly it would take 80,000 years to grow a basketball player. Incredible!

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