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Why do plants like soil? | NRCS

Why do plants like soil?

  1. Is soil made through magic?

2. Does soil have parents?

3. What does the weather do to soil?

4. What's on, and in, the horizon?

5. How does soil help me keep my cool?

6. Do soils come in different colors?

7. How does water stay in the soil?

8. How does air get into the soil?

9. Why do plants like soil?

10. Do roots just help plants?

11. Does soil care about time?

12. Can we keep the soil from washing and blowing away?

13. What is soil conservation?

SK tries to feed pizza to a plant but the plant says,

Because they like to eat and drink.

Soil has a lot of the things that plants need to satisfy their appetites. But not for pizza or banana splits. Those are too big to fit in the plant's roots. Plants have a hunger for nutrients with really strange names that you'll learn in high school.

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