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Conservation Agricultural Mentoring Program

 Mentor Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need to commit to the program?

Mentors are asked to mentor a new employee for 12-18 months. The employee will come to the mentor’s land 6-12 times per year at times that are convenient for the mentor. The time commitment is minimal – the length of each meeting can be as short or long as necessary to meet the program goals.

What will I be expected to do with my mentee?

Mentors are expected to share their knowledge of production agriculture and provide a safe, hands-on, “on-the-land” learning experience for mentees. Mentors should be passionate about conservation and interested in teaching others. Mentees are encouraged to ask questions and to learn through observation.

This program is an opportunity for mentors to share their valuable knowledge and insights in their areas that will help strengthen our employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities -- ultimately improving our service to the mentor and other producers in the community.

This program is not designed to provide labor to mentors; in fact, that would be illegal. Participating employees should not operate or physically mount heavy equipment or machinery, but should learn about what equipment is used, why it is used, and other similar learning.

Will I be awarded or otherwise recognized for my participation?

Possibly, depending on your state. Contact your State CAMP Coordinator to learn more.

What if my mentee and I are not a good fit?

We understand that this can happen, and it’s ok! Contact your State CAMP Coordinator to talk through your concerns, and if you’d like to be paired with a new mentee, your State CAMP Coordinator can work with you to find a better match.

What if I decide after signing up that I can no longer participate in the program?

Please reach out to your State CAMP Coordinator to let them know so that employee can be matched with another mentor.

My state has social distancing rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic OR I prefer not to have face-to-face meetings right now due to the pandemic. Can I still participate in the program?

We encourage postponing face-to-face engagement with your mentee until the situation becomes safer and in accordance with expert public health guidance. If you are unable to participate during this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but would like to, please reach out to your State CAMP Coordinator to explore options.

How do I sign-up or get more information?

Thanks for your interest! Contact your local CAMP Coordinator.