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Organic Conservation Planning Guides

National and State Resource Concerns and Planning Criteria

Organic Handbook imageOrganic Farming Handbook (eDirectives)
This handbook includes NRCS conservation planning criteria for organic farms.

Transition to Organic Conservation Planning Activity 138 (CPA) Starting October 2021 (DOCX, 144KB)



Guide for Using RUSLE2 in Organic Systems

R2 and organic cover image

Learn more about RUSLE2 in Organic Systems and read the new guide.

  • Calculate soil loss by selecting appropriate tillage.
  • Planning in fields with diverse crops.
  • Considerations for high tunnels, low tunnels and mulches.
  • Incorporating cover crops in the rotation.
  • Incorporating manure, compost and other soil amendments.
  • This guide also applies to non-certified organic, diverse or specialty crop operations.
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Implementation Guides

State Implementation Guides

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