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Success Stories - Data Sharing

  1. Colorado NRCS and  the USACE Omaha District
    Have established two agreements to acquire LiDAR digital elevation data for flood assessment studies in Wray, Colorado and the Patterson Hollow area east of Rocky Ford, Colorado.  The USACE has the ability to contract with private vendors to acquire the digital elevation information needed to do a detailed flood assessment across a broad area with complex topography that makes a ground survey expensive.  The digital elevation data, combined with a ground truth of the elevation data provides the highly detailed elevation information needed to do a good flood assessment for the project sponsors.
  2. Idaho NRCS and the  USACE Walla Walla District
    The USACE Walla Walla District has a long standing partnership with the Boise Office of NRCS.  Over the years, NRCS has been key in providing field data that helps the Walla Walla District and the Bureau of Reclamation manage the inflows/outflows from three dams above Boise, ID.  The NRCS climate studies and investigations performed at their high-elevation watershed locations provide important and timely data for all Corps water managers in managing dams as well as emergency managers for natural disasters such as floods. 
  3. NRCS Arizona and the USACE Los Angles District
    Automated Local Evaluation in Real-Time (ALERT) Program in Arizona.  Los Angeles District of the Corps, NRCS, and other Federal and State agencies participate in this.  The purpose of the committee is to share information on water resources issues specifically having to do with flooding and flood operation in an effort to foster collaborations and cooperation for Arizona.  It has been and continues to be an excellent forum for staff to exchange a broad array of water resources information.
  4. Colorado NRCS and the USACE
    Have provided funds to support a new NRCS SnowTel site to provide additional snow-pack and stream flow forecast data for a sensitive flood prone area. 

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