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Webinars and Training

Watershed Rehabilitation Training

Below are the watershed rehabilitation webinars that have been prepared through 2017.  It is recommended that watershed planners with new projects review applicable sections of this webinar series.  The series discusses some specifics related to rehabilitation of aging dams, but much of the training is applicable to supplementing previously authorized or new watershed planning projects.  

If you are unable to link to the training on the SharePoint site then contact Jesse Wilson for access to the files. 

Webinar 1 – Working with Sponsors

1. Understanding of Sponsor’s Needs
           Communicating the message
           Tips for working with Boards
           NRCS Involvement
2. Funding
           Funding requests
           National funding methodology
           Project prioritization process

Webinar 2 – Dam Assessments

1. Dam Assessment Policy
           Assessment priorities
           Assessment database
           Status of assessments
2. Scope of the Dam Assessment
           Breach Inundation
           Hazard Classification
           Inflow Design Flood
           Risk Index spreadsheet
           Guidelines (references)
           BOR publications (references)
3. Application Process for Rehabilitation Assistance
           Sponsor application requirements
           Ranking of Planning (and other) Fund Requests

Webinar 3 – Plan: Overview

Overview of Rehabilitation Planning Process Policy/NEPA Compliance

Webinar 4 – Plan: Process and Documentation Preparation Part 1

1. Documenting the Planning Process
            Supplemental Plan/EIS/EA/EE
            Format (Table 501.1)
2. Purpose and Need for Action
3. Scoping Concerns list NWPM 501.24
            Public Participation
            Cooperating agencies
            Cultural Resources

Webinar 5 – Plan: Process and Documentation Preparation Part 2

1. Affected Environment
            Area of impact
2. Affected Environment:
            Status of operation and maintenance of the dam
            Sedimentation rates (planned, actual & future)
            Sediment sampling techniques & testing
            ARS publications (references)
            Breach analysis (assumed parameters)
            Hazard classification (NRCS and State agency)
3. Potential modes of dam failure (stability, hydrologic, seismic, seepage, material deterioration, etc.)
4. Consequences of dam failure (impacts of breach discharge) Population at risk

Webinar 6 – Plan: Process and Documentation Preparation Part 3

1. Alternatives
           All reasonable alternatives
           Alternatives Eliminated from detailed study
           Future without Project/No Action
2. Alternatives
3. NWPM Section 501.37.D.2

Webinar 7 – Plan: Process and Documentation Preparation Part 4

1. Environmental Consequences
           EIS, EA, Categorical Exclusions
2. Preferred Alternative (Rationale)
           Mitigation & monitoring
3. Appendices
           Investigation and analysis
4. Supplemental Watershed Agreement
5. Watershed Plan Reviews/Timelines/Summary

Webinar 8 – Plan: Process and Documentation Preparation Part 4

Economic Analysis

  1. NED Plan
  2. Mitigation costs
  3. Uniform relocation act
  4. NED Exception, early as possible in planning process
  5. Rehabilitation spreadsheet
  6. Determining Evaluation Period

Webinar 9 – Design and Reviews

1. The Design Process
2. Independent Reviews
3. The Construction Phase – Design Implementation
4. Design Considerations Related to Project Sponsors

Webinar 10 – Plan of Work

Introduction - Plan of Work (POW) Independent Reviews

  1. Policy
  2. Purpose
  3. Contents
  4. How to prepare a POW

Webinar 11 – Funding and Implementation

Watershed Rehabilitation Program - Funding and Implementation


Webinar and Training Documents

Watershed Rehabilitation Training Webinar (101 KB, PDF)